Tropical Maté Energizing Smoothie-
(With fresh mango and ice)

Still hasn’t warmed up here but I am all about getting some warmer weather soon so I can sit on the deck and sip some ice tea. Decided to add a tropical Caribbean feel to my smoothie this morning. Not only does it taste like a refreshing island drink it is packed full of energy when you mix Vega Energizing Smoothie with mate tea! Energy this busy Mama needed to get through her day!


Tropical Maté Energizing Smoothie

makes 1

8 oz iced yerba maté tea (used Teavana Caribbean Calypso Maté Tea, loose leaf prepared per ice tea directions)

1 scoop Vega Energizing Smoothie Tropical Tango *

glass of ice

1 mango, optional (used 1 Ataulfo Mango), if using frozen omit some or all of the ice


The smoothie will be creamy and dreamy with the mango and without it will be like an icy mango tea.

*If making this without the Vega Energizing Smoothie make using the mango. (not pictured)


Blend all ingredients in a Vitamix or high speed blender. Sit back for a second and enjoy your Tropical Mate Smoothie and then get to your busy day!

Tropical Maté Energizing Smoothie
(without mango)
Tropical Maté Energizing Smoothie
(with mango)