My youngest told me she wanted toast and fruit, but in a shape Mama! I said ok go wash your hands and come help me. I pulled out all the fruit and asked her what she wanted and she decided a mermaid. She has been on a mermaid kick lately and she has already picked a mermaid, a specific one she doesn’t even have yet, as the theme for her birthday which is months and months away. So we made Mermaid Toast and Fruit. She wanted plain toast but then changed her mind to she wanted decorations with peanut butter. The biggest kick I got was the hair. She kept insisting on kale hair, I couldn’t stop laughing. I gave her some other options but she was stuck on the kale hair and it was the first thing she ate when her mermaid was done.  I hope she keeps eating this healthy as she gets older and continues to like healthy foods.


Making Mermaid Toast and Fruit


Mermaid Toast and Fruit

To make the Mermaid Toast and Fruit as pictured you will need items listed below. However this is also a fun one just to use the body and customize how ever you desire and have fun with it. You could also make this into a sandwich.


Mermaid Toast and Fruit (as pictured)

makes 1

2 pieces of whole wheat or sprouted bread

half an orange

3 organic strawberries

2 raisins

1 organic fuji apple, or any apple

small handful of organic baby mixed kale

peanut butter (used Peanut Butter and Co Smooth Operator)

1 TBSP yogurt for pearl in strawberry shell

Large heart cookie cutter, large circle cookie cutter or biscuit cutter, and small start cookie cutter.


Cut a large heart out of one of your slices of bread, cut a large circle out of the other slice of bread, this is something your child can do. Toast bread in a toaster. Peel orange and separate segments, you will need 4 of them. Slice the sides off an apple on each side of the core on opposite sides, slice about 1/8″ thick slices out of sections. Have your child use a small star cookie cutter to cut out 3 stars from the apple slices. Snack on the leftover apple as you continue to make creation. When toast is done lay on a plate and pipe peanut butter on bottom half of the heart using peanut butter in either a frosting bag with #2 tip or with peanut butter in a plastic bag with the corner cut. Let your child put on arms and fins with the oranges. Slice top off one strawberry and slice in half and this will be used for the mermaids top. Slice another strawberry in half starting at the tip and stop right before getting to the steam. Fill this one with yogurt or anything you would like as a decorative pearl in a shell, optional. Let your child put eyes on mermaid, in this one she used raisins. Place mouth on mermaid, she used the end of a strawberry. For hair she just placed the kale on the plate above the head and added star apple. Place the other stars, which are suppose to be her starfish friends on plate. After your child is done customizing her/his mermaid they get to enjoy their creation!