Chocolate Coconut Protein Pancakes


Chocolate Coconut Protein Pancakes


I love the combination of chocolate and coconut. One morning after a crazy workout I really wanted pancakes, but also wanted chocolate. I wanted something good and satisfying and I knew chocolate protein pancakes weren’t going to do the trick. So I decided to create these Chocolate Coconut Protein Pancakes as I stared at the canned coconut milk in the fridge. While making my pancakes I saw my Chocolate Fudge Drizzle sitting there just screaming “EAT ME”! Which between you and me I LOVE to have half of a banana mashed with just a little of the Chocolate Fudge Drizzle before a workout. Shh!

These pancakes are not quick! They need to be cooked slow on low heat in order not to burn them and cook them all the way through. If I am going to have them after a workout I decided it works best to have my oats and protein powder measured and mixed in a bowl beforehand. When I finish my workout, turn on the griddle, pour the coconut milk in and get the pancakes started and make the Coconut Cream Filling while they are cooking.



Chocolate Coconut Protein Pancakes

Makes 1 serving, approx. 4- 4 1/2″ pancakes

1/3c oat flour, gluten-free (you can grind your own oats and measure after grinding)

1 scoop/packet chocolate protein powder (used Vega Sport Performance Protein, Chocolate)

1/2c plus 2TBSP (10TBSP total) coconut milk (used So Delicious Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Milk)*


*If you want sweeter chocolatey pancakes try using So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Milk or adding a little cocoa powder and sweetener of choice.


Coconut Cream Filling

Makes 1 serving

2TBSP shredded unsweetened coconut (used Let’s Do Organic Finely Shredded Unsweetened Coconut)

2TBSP cold canned coconut milk (It is thicker when it is cold, if separated shake or mix so it looks like runny creamy and you don’t just get the thick or water part. I shake my can, mix, and store it in a glass bowl in the refrigerator to use for recipes)

sweetener of choice, optional (used 1/2 a packet of Stevia In the Raw)


Chocolate Fudge Drizzle

1/4c raw agave

1/4c coconut oil, liquid state

1/4c cocoa powder

1 tsp vanilla


Optional 1 TBSP sliced almond for topping.


If you don’t already have Chocolate Fudge on hand whip this up by mixing everything together. I usually make a batch using measurements listed to have on hand. It isn’t too big of a batch to go crazy with and eat more than I should but big enough to last about a week for us. Alternatively it is equal parts if you want you can just mix 1 tablespoon of each ingredient to make more than enough for this recipe.

Preheat griddle to medium heat. In a bowl mix together your oat flour and protein powder. Slowly stir in your milk. Turn griddle down to medium-low and spray with non stick spray (I use coconut oil spray). Pour batter onto griddle and spread out a little as the batter can be thick you don’t want your pancakes to be too thick as they will take longer to cook. I make 4 pancakes about 4.5-5 inches in size. These pancakes are not quick and should not be rushed, they will take a few minutes to cook on each side. Do not flip them until the tops look dry. Again cooking at low heat or you will burn the outside and the insides will not cook. As your pancakes are cooking in a small bowl mix together canned coconut milk, shredded coconut, and optional sweetener. When pancakes are done assemble them spreading a little of the Coconut Cream Filling on top of each pancakes and layering them. Top with any remaining coconut filling, drizzle with Chocolate Fudge Drizzle, and sprinkle with sliced almonds. Enjoy!


Chocolate Coconut Protein Pancakes



As a Vega Recipe Ambassador I receive Vega products, which I used as an option in this recipe. I use Vega not because it is given to me but because it has been my plant-based protein of choice since before I started blogging and some recipes are made with Vega products I purchase. I only write about foods I love, my blog is an extension of my hobby to make fun healthy food creations for me and my family.