Egg-cellent Yogurt Snack with Mango

Every now and then I have some crazy idea that will hit me and usually they come in waves. So I got an idea and while working on it this morning this one came to me. I was cutting and juicing an orange for a snack idea for my youngest daughter when I got this idea for my oldest.

These yogurt eggs are a cute and funny way to serve your kids yogurt for Easter or anytime. I hope my daughter gets as much of a giggle when she gets home and sees her snack as I did making them.


What  need to make these Egg-cellent Yogurt Snacks

One orange or lemon hallowed out (use the juice to flavor your water or in a smoothie)

Any white colored yogurt

For you yolk I used mango for one and a banana for the other


These Egg-cellent Yogurt Snacks are sure to crack your kid up!


Egg-cellent Snack with Banana