Stacked Pear
Stacked Pear

Starting at the bowl of cute little Forelle Pears on my counter and wanting to make something with them I came up with these Stacked Pears. Great for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert!


Stacked Pears

Makes 2 servings

2 mini organic pears (usedĀ Forelle Pears)

1/4c raw walnuts

dash or cinnamon

1/4c organic dehydrated Mission figs


In a food processor or with a knife chop walnuts and place in bowl and mix with a dash of cinnamon. Chop the figs and set aside. Wash and slice pears into quarters, as shown in photo. Remove core with a pairing knife, should only need to remove it from the middle piece. To assemble the pears place the chopped figs on top of the bottom layer, and place walnuts on the middle two layers, stack all the layers together and place the top on. Plate on a plate drizzled with agave or honey if desired. Enjoy!


Stacked Pear