Silly Snails

Silly Snail Snack

My youngest loves these little guys! They are a perfect healthy snack and a great way to get young kids to eat more fruits and veggies.


For each snail you will need:

1 Granny Smith apple slice (sliced vertically from the side of the apple, you can get about 6-8 slices per apple depending on size)

Approx. 3” length of celery stalk

2 currants

Thin strip of lemon zest

Peanut butter (we like Peanut Butter & Co Smooth Operator or Fresh Ground Peanut Butter, grind out own at Whole Foods)


Start by washing and prepping apple and celery pieces.  Slice the bottom of the celery stalks flat so they stand.  Place some peanut butter in a plastic Ziploc bag and snip just the corner off for thin piping.  Lay your apple slices down on a flat surface and put a swirl of peanut butter on each one.  After putting the swirls on all of the apple slices you will be using clip a little more off the Ziploc to pipe a larger strip of peanut butter into the celery stalks.  Add the currants to one end of the celery on the peanut butter for the eyes and add the thin strip of lemon zest for the antennas.  Now carefully attach the apple slice onto the celery stalk. Ta-da!

Your kids will love these bugs!  Even funnier when they giggle and tell everyone they ate snails for snack!