Exhale Coconut Drink
Exhale Coconut Drink

My inspiration for this drink was the words “power your passion” printed on the side of CoCos-Pure Coconut Water can. ┬áThis drink will awaken your senses, refresh your mind, and leave you restored.


1 can coconut water (used CoCos-Pure)

Pinch of fresh grated ginger root

Couple dashes of cinnamon

Sprinkle of finely shredded organic coconut

1 organic date

1 pecan

strip of fresh ginger


In a blender or in a shaker mix coconut water, grated ginger root, and dash of cinnamon. Pour into a glass, sprinkle top with cinnamon and finely ground coconut. Garnish with a date, pecan, and strip of fresh ginger. Enjoy!

Exhale Coconut Drink