Tropical Recovery Pop with Strawberries
Tropical Recovery Pop with Strawberries

After a hot summer run or workout cool off and recover with one of these refreshing Tropical Recovery Pops! These can be as simple or complex as you want to make them. I use a Zoku Popsicle Maker to make these because it is quick and easy! I got it a couple of years ago to make healthy summer treats for the kids and I find myself using it all the time for last minute things as it only takes 7 minutes to make a popsicle.


10oz coconut water or water (used CoCos Pure Coconut Water one batch, water the other)

1 scoop Vega Recovery Accelerator, Tropical

1/2c fresh organic strawberries (optional)


Puree strawberries in a blender or food processor and pour into Zoku popsicle maker or popsicle molds. Place in the freezer until set, for the Zoku it only takes a couple of minutes. In a shaker mix coconut water or water and Recovery Accelerator. Pour into Zoku or popsicle molds and freeze until set. For the Zoku it only takes 5-7 minutes. You will have to test times for other popsicles or I would make them the night before and leave them overnight so they are ready. Go get your run on or your workout in and enjoy!


Tropical Recovery Pops, made with coconut water
Tropical Recovery Pops with strawberry