A Whisk and Two Wands, Superfood Snack Pizza
Superfood Snack Pizza


A Whisk and Two Wands, Superfood Snack Pizza
Superfood Snack Pizza


It’s Friday which means PIZZA! Since it’s April Fools tomorrow I have a fun Superfood Snack Pizza that can be enjoyed any time of day, even breakfast, because no joke it’s healthy and packed with superfoods and nutrition! I’m excited about this for so many reasons and not just because I like to play with my food, make food, fun, and love my superfoods.

Superfoods are not magical, sorry, and aren’t going to cure anything. Despite my husbands thoughts that something magical, like Mighty Mouse appearing, will happen when I open my drawer of superfoods. While again I’m not a nutritionist or doctor I do my research, as I always urge you to do as well, and try to eat healthy foods that fuel my body and have me feeling my best as part of a healthy, happy, balanced life. As a “superfoodie” and blogger that loves Navitas Organics I am a Navitas Insider which means in turn for sharing my love and how I use their products (not making money off any sales or clicks) I get discounts on some products that may have been used as part of this recipe. It also means I’m able to share the love so I’m hosting a fun Navitas Naturals, now Navitas Organics, Giveaway over on my Instagram, and nope I’m not fooling around.

A Whisk and Two Wands, Superfood Snack Pizza
Superfood Snack Pizza

As many of you know I was sick and then injured and then I had hoped to return to barre this week. I had hoped to walk into barre with my little pizza box with my Superfood Snack Pizza inside today but that isn’t happening. I’m feeling better every day this week but didn’t want to push it. If my leg doesn’t cramp up or have spasms over the weekend I’m going to go Monday, fingers crossed. Send all the good vibes because 4 weeks without my barre when I normally am there 4 days a week is driving me a little crazy. Crazy is not why I whipped up this pizza though, it’s just crazy good! I was even going to walk in wearing my sweatshirt that says “yeah I’m into fitness, fitness pizza in my mouth”, haha!

A Whisk and Two Wands, Superfood Snack Pizza
Superfood Snack Pizza

So breaking it down this Superfood Snack Pizza is a power ball/bite crust, topped with a Goji Berry Almond Butter “Sauce” and all the good for you toppings, I used chia seeds, shredded coconut (toasted and untoasted), cacao nibs, and mulberries. To complete it I also added a Maca Maple “Parmesan” to sprinkle over the top! Like any pizza though you can customize it to what you like and have on hand. I had fun and tried to pack in all my favorite superfoods.

A Whisk and Two Wands, Superfood Snack Pizza
Superfood Snack Pizza

As if this fun pizza isn’t enough to make you want it, it’s perfect pre or post workout or for a snack, and it’s packed with nutrition packed superfoods! So here’s the breakdown if you need more reasons to eat pizza, well this pizza!

Hemp seeds are one of the best plant-based proteins around, and it’s easy to digest. It’s what is called a complete protein as it contains all nine amino acids. It’s packed with omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Hemp seeds are packed with minerals antioxidants, and iron. We started eating them over 5 years ago, first sprinkling them over yogurt. Then adding them to power balls, making hemp milk, sprinkling on salads and many dishes, blending them into soups and smoothies, and blending into pesto.

Maca, oh I love my maca! I personally prefer gelatinized maca powder as it’s easier to digest, raw maca is said to have more total nutrients, I use what works for me. Maca is an adaptogen, simple definition adaptogens are a rare group of plants that help balance the body. Aside from balancing the body and help it deal with daily stress it’s said to help with energy levels but without the side effects like coffee and other stimulants. As I’ve written about many times I first started using maca about 7 years ago for fertility and hormone balancing reasons. I’ve continued to take it to keep things balanced and to help my body deal with stress.

We all know nuts are healthy, which is why they are great for an on the go snack. I used cashews and brazil nuts for a couple reasons, but you can also use almonds if that is what you have. Start with brazil nuts, they contain magnesium which helps with the functioning of muscles, the production of protein and absorption of energy from food. They are also said to promote thyroid function as well as support bone and teeth health. I eat them regularly for thyroid health. Cashew are one of my favorite nuts, I pretty much lived on fresh cashew butter and dates one summer. Cashews, like many nuts contain healthy fats and contain protein, iron, and trace minerals.

Dates for energy! Dates are one of my favorite things to grab pre workout for a boost of energy. Besides carbs for energy they are a packed with potassium, magnesium, and fiber.

Almond butter for more healthy fats.

Goji berries are packed with 18 amino acids, free-radical fighting antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins A, C, and E, and more than 20 other trace minerals and vitamins including zinc, iron, phosphorus and riboflavin. They are a complete protein and 1 ounce contains 4 grams of protein. Fun fact, goji berries contain more vitamin C than oranges, more beta-carotene than carrots, and more iron than spinach. For centuries they have been said to help with greater health, vitality, longevity, energy, and stamina. Fun fact I just learned from the new Navtias Organics website is goji berries are also referred to as “The Happy Berry”, I can see that as I’ve heard many times they are good for your mood.

Pomegranate powder is all the goodness of pomegranates packed in powder. I don’t use it too often, but will sometimes add it into smoothies, honestly I forgot I had it until I was cleaning out my large drawer of superfoods. Packed with so many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants I really should start using it more.

Coconut oil and coconut is well known for medium chain triglycerides (MCT) – healthy fats that are burned quickly by the body for energy and are not stored as fat. Coconut is packed with fiber and healthy fats that help keep you full.

Cacao (cacao butter and cacao nibs) is packed with antioxidants. Cacao nibs being one of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet. Cacao butter being one of the key ingredients needed to make chocolate it has to be good though right? A side from being a healthy fat it contains omega fatty acids. Cacao nibs are also known as “nature’s chocolate chips”, although they are not sweet like chocolate chips. If you are wanting something a little sweeter you can add in sweet cacao nibs.

Chia Seeds are loaded with omega fats, protein, antioxidants and fiber. They are a great source of healthy essential fatty acids, eight times more than salmon! They’re also one of the most digestible plant proteins.

I added the mulberries for color but they are delicious little berries that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They contain more then raisins but less sugar, so if you are looking to lower sugar you can swap raisins for mulberries in any recipe.

I hope you’re as excited about this Superfood Snack Pizza as I am! Next time you need a fun treat to your gym, run club, or fitness meet-up bring this pizza to add some spice to your pre or post workout snack!


A Whisk and Two Wands, Superfood Snack Pizza
Superfood Snack Pizza

Superfood Snack Pizza
Makes 8-9″ pizza, 8-12 servings
¼c hemp seeds (Navitas Naturals)
1 TBSP maca powder (Navitas Naturals Gelatinized Maca Powder)
1c cashews, almonds, brazil nuts whole, raw, unsalted (used 2/3c Navitas Naturals Cashews and 1/3c brazil nuts)
1 1/4c dates, about 10

Goji Almond Butter “Sauce”
1/3c raw almond butter*
2 TBSP goji berries, soak in hot water for 5 minutes to soften and drained (Navitas Naturals)
2 TBSP coconut oil or cacao butter (used 1 tablespoon each, Navitas Naturals Cacao Butter)
2 TBSP pomegranate powder, optional (Navitas Naturals)

2 tsp chia seeds (Navitas Naturals)
1/4c shredded unsweetened coconut (I toasted half the coconut)
1-2 TBSP cacao nibs, or cacao sweet nibs (Navitas Naturals Cacao Nibs)
1-2 TBSP mulberries (Navitas Naturals)

Maca Maple “Parmesan”
1/4c Navitas Naturals Maca Maple Cashew, crushed to a medium crumble, optional

*If your almond butter is cold bring to room temp. If it is very dry you may need a little extra coconut oil. I use one that is just almonds and a pretty smooth pourable consistency.
Pulse nuts for the crust until you get a medium crumble texture (size of hemp seeds). Pulse in maca powder and hemp seeds. Add dates and pulse until mixture starts to come together. Mixture should stick together when pinched between fingers and be able to roll into a ball (same texture as power balls/bites). Roll crust out on a piece of parchment paper until you have an 8-9″ circle. I traced a large lid and then pressed and lightly rolled scraps into the middle so it was a nice circle and even. Place crust on a flat surface in the freezer. To make the Goji Almond Butter “Sauce” blend almond butter, softened goji berries, and melted coconut butter/cacao butter in a Vitamix, or high-speed blender/small food processor, until smooth scraping as needed. Blend in optional pomegranate powder if using. Have all of your toppings ready before assembling. Remove crust from the freezer and spread the mixture over the crust, leaving a little space around the edge as you would with a pizza. You won’t use all the mixture but that is the smallest amount I found that could be made in a Vitamix, you will use about 2/3rd of it. Save the remaining for toast or topping a smoothie bowl. Add toppings to your pizza and place back in the freezer for 30 minutes or until you’re ready to enjoy. Remove pizza from the freezer, slice, and serve with optional Maca Maple “Parmesan Cheese (or you can sprinkle it over the top of the whole pizza). Enjoy! Store leftover pizza in an airtight container in the freezer.
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A Whisk and Two Wands, Superfood Snack Pizza
Fun and healthy this gluten free and vegan Superfood Snack Pizza is packed with nutrition rich superfoods to fuel your day or fitness.