Squirrel Toast with Honey Pretzel Peanut Butter


We recently got some new nut butters and the cute little squirrel on the jars inspired the girls and I to make squirrel toast! Maybe we have gone a little nutty but we love having fun and doing “art ┬áin the kitchen”! This can easily be made into a sandwich as well!


Squirrel Toast

Makes 1 serving

1 slice of bread (we used Food For Life Ezekiel Sprouted Bread)

a raisin, craisin, or something for the eye

1-2TBSP nut butter (we have so many favorites but the girls decided to use a new one we got, Wild Friends Honey Pretzel Peanut Butter)

1 nut (girls decided their squirrels likes almonds)


Toast your bread. Using a kitchen shears or a knife cut out your squirrel, cut the body out as shown and use the leftover rounded top for the tail. Decorate your squirrel with a bushy peanut butter tail, eye, and add an optional nut or two for fun! Enjoy!


Squirrel Toast with Honey Pretzel Peanut Butter