Raw Banana Cream Pies

I like try to keep up with the National Food Holidays for the fun of it. So when I saw that it was going to be National Banana Cream Pie Day I started to think what can I make that is quick and fresh. I came up with these quick, guilt free, Raw Banana Cream Pies. These single serving little pies only require 3 ingredients, not counting any optional toppings!


Raw Banana Cream Pies

makes 8 cupcake size pies

1 ¼ c almond meal

2 TBSP coconut oil

4 ripe bananas (use frozen bananas to make it quicker, I also found made it creamier)


Melt the coconut oil and mix with almond meal in a bowl until moistened, this will be your crust. Grease silicon muffin tin with coconut oil. Press the crust into the bottom of 8 of the muffin cups. In a blender, Magic Bullet, or food process  puree bananas. Pour the bananas on top of the crust. Place pies in a freezer for a few hours until set, if you use frozen bananas the will be ready sooner.

Remove pies from the freezer and pop out of cupcake molds and place on plate. Let sit about 15 mins to soften, and top as desired, or eat frozen. Don’t let sit out too long as it will get really soft. If you let it sit about 15 minutes it is just thawed enough to be creamy. Keep remaining pies in the freezer until ready to enjoy. Topped with coconut whipped cream in photo.