Rainbow Smoothie

Rain, rain go away…. stuck inside I guess we will have a little fun today! It isn’t every day you see or taste a rainbow!


Rainbow Smoothie

Red- pureed strawberries

Orange- pureed mango

Yellow- pureed banana and pineapple

Green- blended spinach, banana, almond milk

Blue- blended frozen blueberries and almond milk

Violet- blended organic acai juice and ice


Blend  each colored layer separately and then layer them. Mixing amount based on the number of smoothies. For the banana pineapple it will be based on taste. Green layer blend banana and almond milk to get consistency of other flavors and add spinach until desired color and taste. Blue will again be blueberries and adding milk until desired consistency. Violet again acai and ice to consistency. If the layers are the same consistency they will layer nicely, but they also like them swirled and rainbowed together. I didn’t get a picture of the swirled as it was gone so quick!


Rainbow Smoothie