Looking for another grain to add to your breakfast routine to mix things up? Try amaranth! I like to make popped amaranth and either do it plan or mix it with chia, quinoa, or oats for some texture. When popped it is really light and airy. Think super tiny little kernels of popcorn and more than doubles! One serving, 1/4 of a cup will make a bowl when popped.

Pre popped amaranth


Popped amaranth (this was 1/4 cup pre popped)


To make basic popped amaranth you just heat a skillet on medium- high and wait for the pan to heat up. It needs to be really hot. Than you add a little amaranth, I usually do 2 TBSP at a time, so a bowl like this I would do it two batches just so I don’t burn it. Otherwise when mixing it with other grains or seeds I only make 2 TBSP. When your pan is heated add your amaranth, quickly cover, and shimmy back and forth. It won’t take long for it all to pop, less than 20 seconds. If you keep it there too long it will burn. At first I burnt some but quickly got the hang of it and how quick it pops.

This morning I added some sliced bananas and vanilla almond milk. Mmm. Maybe start by having it with fruit and milk and next time add it in with another grain or seed and experiment. Possibilities are endless.

Popped Amaranth Cereal with bananas and vanilla almond milk