Peppermint Pattie Power Balls


I forgot how much I love frozen Peppermint Patties until I was at my grandmother’s recently. I like them non frozen as well but there is something about them cold that I like even more. I decided I was going to make some Peppermint Patti Power Balls with protein but these can also be made with out the protein as a delicious snack, treat, or dessert. I even plan on making some for the holidays as a healthy alternative to all the cookies and sweats that are out.


Peppermint Pattie Balls/ Power Balls

Makes 24 balls

1 c raw almonds or cashews (used cashews for this batch)

1/2 c finely shredded coconut

1 scoop chocolate protein powder (used Vega One Chocolate for ones shown but also made using Vega Performance Protein Chocolate, updated also made a batch using 2 scoops Vega Choc-A-Lot Protein Smoothie, yum!)

1 Tbsp lucuma powder, optional (used Navitas Naturals)

1 Tbsp gelatinized maca powder, optional (used Navitas Naturals)*

½ c cacao powder (used Navitas Naturals)

1/4 tsp sea salt

¼ c diced dried figs

⅓ c raisins

2 c pitted dates, chopped (Can be soaked, if I have deglet noor dates that are drier I soak mine for 30 minutes or so to soften. If using medjool dates I don’t usually soak them)

1/4 tsp peppermint oil, 1/2 tsp if using extract to start add more if desired depending on personal taste


*I add maca in mine but when making for the kids or others I omit it. If omitting the protein I add an additional 1/4 cup of nuts and cacao powder.


Process nuts to a coarse crumb texture in a food processor. Add coconut, lucuma, maca, peppermint extract, and salt and pulse to combine. Add the cacao powder and protein powder and pulse until combined. Add diced figs, raisins, and 1 cup of the dates and pulse until combined. Add remaining cup of dates and pulse until the mixture combine and sticks together when pressed between your fingers. Roll into 24 balls and place on a cookie sheet or plate lined with wax paper and place in the refrigerator or freezer until firm. Place in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator or freezer. Enjoy!


I like to place mine in the freezer and pull them out as I need them letting them thaw a little before I need them. If am know I am going to have them I will place them in the refrigerator otherwise pulling them from the freezer and taking them on the go keeps them cooler longer and I like to enjoy mine semi frozen like I use to eat peppermint patties out of the freezer as a kid. If serving as more of a raw cookie I store them in the refrigerator until serving.


Peppermint Pattie Balls/ Power Balls




As a Vega Recipe Ambassador I received Vega products that may have been use in creating this recipe, I also purchase them myself. I use Vega not because it is given to me but because it has been my plant-based protein of choice since before I started blogging. I only write about foods I love, my blog is an extension of my hobby to make fun healthy food creations for me and my family.