Classic Coconut Vanilla Bean Vega One Milkshake

It is National Vanilla Milkshake Day and of course that means I must make a vanilla milkshake, or should I say vanilla milkshakes! Trying to make a healthier version of the malt shop favorite I went to work playing in the kitchen and made 5 different versions. I made 2 vanilla versions and then for the more adventurous made 3 others, however the vanilla versions are anything but “boring vanilla”.


Version #1 we will call this the Classic Coconut Vanilla Bean Vega One Milkshake. This one is simple to make and it is thick and delicious! Add Vega One and you get 50% of your daily  intake of vitamins and minerals, 15 g protein, 6 g fiber, 1.5 g omega-3, antioxidants, probiotics and greens!

Classic Coconut Vanilla Bean Vega One Milkshake

Makes 2 servings

2c (1 pint) So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

2c So Delicious Coconut Milk Unsweetened Vanilla

1 scoop Vega One Natural

optional sweetener of choice if desired (I thought it was perfect as is and didn’t add any)


Keep ice cream frozen until ready to use and use cold coconut milk. In a Vitamix or blender blend together ice cream and milk until smooth! Enjoy!


French Vanilla Protein Milkshake

Version #2 we will call this the French Vanilla Protein Milkshake. This version has more protein and is a lighter version with fewer calories. I have to say for a plain vanilla milkshake I prefer the texture and taste of the Classic Coconut Vanilla Bean Vega One Milkshake. Again adding  Vega One , this time French Vanilla! Vega One is more than a protein powder it is a nutritional powder, read all the nutritional info and benefits by clicking on the link above.


French Vanilla Protein Milkshake

Makes 2 servings

1c So Delicious Almond Milk Ice Cream

1c So Delicious Unsweetened Almond Milk Plus Protein (only 40 calories, and 5 grams protein per serving)

1 scoop Vega One French Vanilla

1 tsp pure vanilla or 1/2 vanilla bean (insides only, scraped)

2 packets Stevia In The Raw or sweetener of choice to taste

optional 1 tsp Mesquite powder (Mesquite will give it a “malty” flavor)

2c ice


In a Vitamix or blender blend milk and Vega One. Add ice cream, vanilla, sweetener, optional Mesquite, and ice and blend until smooth. Enjoy!


Now if you are looking for something a little more exciting you can add to any of the milkshakes. I decided to make a Vega One Double Chocolate Chip Milk Shake by adding a chopped up Vega One Double Chocolate Bar to the Classic Coconut Vanilla Bean Vega One Milkshake, yum! You can also make this version without the Vega One powder just using a Vega One Bar.

Vega One Double Chocolate Chip Milkshake
without Vega One Natural
Vega One Double Chocolate Chip Milkshake
with Vega One Natural

Like the “candy bar” version but want to keep it a little lighter? Try making a Maca Chocolate Chip Vanilla Protein Milkshake by adding half or a whole Vega Maca Chocolate Bar to the French Vanilla Protein Milkshake, delicious! This can also be made without the Vega One and just the Vega Maca Chocolate.

Maca Chocolate Chip Vanilla Protein Milkshake


If you want to make your own dairy free Coconut Milk Whipped Cream it is quick and simple. However it does take some prep as you have to chill the coconut milk ahead of time. 

Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

1 can full fat coconut milk, refrigerated overnight

2TBSP powdered sugar

1 tsp pure vanilla


Refrigerate can of coconut milk overnight. Place beaters and glass or metal bowl in the refrigerator or freezer to chill to get best results. Open the can of coconut milk and scoop the top layer of white, solid coconut milk, and place in your chilled bowl. Save the remaining liquid for smoothies or baking. Beat the  coconut milk with a hand mixer on high-speed for 15-20 seconds. Sift in the powdered sugar and mix until combined. Add the vanilla blend on high-speed for 1-2 minutes, until light and creamy. This whipped cream is best served immediately.


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