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Happy Meatless Monday, thank you for joining Deborah and me for what I hope is another inspiring link up! I had plans to bring one ahh-mazing taco bowl to you today but with the girls going back to school last week and having a busy schedule and trying to get on a new routine, 3 soccer games this weekend, a dinner for my in-law which I did sneak in whipping up a dessert for (you can see a sneak of a delicious Caramel Apple Cheesecake, that is vegan and gluten free, that I will be posting soon on Instagram and Facebook), birthday party, and a trip to the apple orchard and getting home to find out I didn’t finish up that post and being exhausted it will have to wait until next week or the week after. Don’t worry it’s worth the wait, as much as I REALLY want to share it I need to get some laundry done and get to bed. This recipe was just the perfect thing to post instead and works well because this is a meal we will whip up when things are busy!

Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, or any day in my book, is the perfect day to enjoy this mixing bowl filled with all the Mexican flavors and goodness! Switching up traditional taco salad with these bowls lately. Ok so maybe my “switching” things up is just a way to get my fix without the girls saying “tacos, nachos, taco salads, or burritos AGAIN?” haha. In our house it’s usually a weekly occurrence and it’s a “Mexican My Way” kind of thing where everything is prepped and you can do a taco salad, taco, burrito, or nachos. Usually it’s a taco salad or nachos for me and the hubby, S her taco or quesadilla without all the toppings, and A well she’s never a fan and just does cheese and a soft shell or melted on chips and some veggies or salad on the side.

There are times when I do something different like Mexican Quinoa Sweet Potato Skins, Taco Tators, Sweet Potato Nachos, plus many others that I have posted on here or social media. Or times that we do it because we like to play with foods and twist them up like Eggritos, yes egg roll meets burrito it has nothing to do with eggs.  Than there are times when something needs to be used up, like spaghetti squash, Mexican Spaghetti Squash Boats anyone? Than like I said we have times when things are busy and we “throw” things together. We had some tomatoes, peppers, and avocados to use up so went with the staple when it comes to using things up …. the all mighty power bowl!

I don’t even know where to start with this one! The sautéed garlicy kale, the protein and fiber packed lentils with taco seasoning, black beans, rice, fajita style peppers, fresh tomatoes, or the big chunks of avocado?! Oh and a little salsa because I like mine with a little spice. It’s all so good and filling! This is just one of the versions we’ve made and like I said it’s a great way to use up leftover veggies or veggies from the garden. Adding fresh or grilled veggies you might have on hand like tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, or even squash. Or adding in roasted sweet potatoes or in place of the rice. So perfect for quick weeknight dinners and is great for those that meal prep as you can cook the rice, lentils, and roasted veggies and prep the fresh veggies ahead of time. Heat it up or enjoy it cold for dinner in just minutes which is great when things get crazy with back to school, the girls activities, or life in general.


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Fiesta Kale Power Bowl
Makes 4 servings
1c brown rice or quinoa
1c lentils (used red lentils)
2-3 tsp taco seasoning
1 can black beans
5oz chopped kale
1 clove garlic
3 bell peppers (used a yellow, red, and orange)
6oz small (cherry or grape) tomatoes, halved
1-2 ripe avocados, cubed
salsa, cilantro, and additional toppings as desired

*This recipe is great for those who batch cook or have leftovers. The rice, lentils, and peppers can be cooked ahead of time and just heated before serving.


Cook rice and lentils according to package instruction, cooking the lentils a little less or per salad directions. I cook mine for 18-20 minutes. While those are cooking slice, remove seeds, and cook pepper slices with a little coconut oil. Let rice and lentils cool while heating the black beans, and draining. Drain lentils and add in taco seasoning. Don’t stir too much as you don’t want to mash up your lentils. If you are reheating for batch cooking I use a pan with a little coconut oil spray add lentils and taco seasoning. Cooling also helps keep the texture a little better. For the kale heat a pan over medium heat and spray with coconut oil spray or use a little oil in the pan. Add kale and sauté, grating in garlic. The kale will only take a couple minutes. In large bowls, or on a plate assemble your bowls with kale, rice, beans, lentils, peppers, tomatoes, avocado, salsa, and any additional toppings as desired. Enjoy!
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