Breakfast Sweet Potato
Breakfast Sweet Potato

Have a leftover baked sweet potato? If you do you have almost everything you need for this quick and healthy breakfast! I love sweet potatoes and sometimes can’t seem to get enough of them! Use this recipe as inspiration to turn that leftover sweet potato you have sitting in the fridge for breakfast.


Breakfast Sweet Potato

makes 1

1 baked sweet potato

2 TBSP granola or oats

1 TBSP chopped pecans or walnuts

1 chopped date or a couple of tablespoons of raisins

Dash of cinnamon and or nutmeg

Optional sweetener of choice, I find sweet potatoes are sweet enough without extra sweetener

Optional add a spoonful or two of plain or vanilla yogurt (not shown as I didn’t add it this time)


This breakfast is great hot or cold so the choices is yours. If you want it warm, warm your sweet potato in the microwave. Slice your sweet potato or remove the insides and put in a bowl. Top your sweet potato with your granola or oats, nuts, and dates or raisins. If you want to add yogurt add a spoonful or two on top. Add a dash of cinnamon and or nutmeg. Enjoy!