Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see… Ahh please don’t eat me!!

Bear Sandwich

Probably shouldn’t read Brown Bear to her on the same day I make her this for lunch.

My daughters love cute, fun shaped sandwiches! I love that it is “arts & crafts” time in the kitchen! I made this cute little brown bear one day for my youngest and was so excited! She requested a bear sandwich for the next few days after making it.

To make this bear you will need:

4 pieces of bread (used whole wheat)

Slice of banana

Chocolate Peanut Butter (used PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams)

Peanut Butter (used PB&Co Smooth Operator)

A raisin

Optional make this a Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich. You know bears love honey!

These are the things I used feel free to sub what you like for nut butters, bread, ect.

Make two peanut butter sandwiches, or peanut butter and jelly. If you have a large circle cookie/ biscuit cutter, as big as possible to get the most out of your sandwich, use that to make the body from one of the sandwiches. If you don’t, that’s ok, cut a circle with a sharp knife from one of your sandwiches. For the ears I used a smaller circle biscuit cutter and then cut that in half, again use a scissors if you don’t have a cutter. I then cut the feet, only cut one as you will separate it, out of the same sandwich I used to cut out the ears. To assemble the bear use peanut butter as your “glue”.  Lay large circle, the body, flat and attach the ears, for the feet pull apart the one you cut and put the peanut butter side on the sandwich. Attach the banana slice and raisin, again using peanut butter for your “glue”. For the eyes and detail on the paws I put chocolate peanut butter into a small zip lock, or use a frosting bag, and snip the end and pipe onto the bear.  Alternatively you could use currants for the paws and eyes and use peanut butter to attach them. Stand up and serve. Watch your child’s face light up!

Be creative! What animals or creations can you come up with? The possibilities are endless! The extra few minutes it took to make this over a standard peanut butter and jelly was well worth it when I saw the big smile on my daughter’s face!