Apple Wild Rice Salad Wraps


This is a new favorite of mine! I had some leftover wild rice and wanted to make a salad with it. I could only think of 2 my mom would make, one with grapes and chicken the other with apples and I can’t remember what else. Both made with mayo which I do not care for or eat. I decided I wanted to have apples for sure, and something savory and sweet. Sitting on the deck thinking I saw my pretty swiss chard staring at me and I decided I wanted to try to make wraps instead and had to figure out what would hold the mixture together and then I got it! This combination came together perfectly and right after I had this I started making more wild rice to have on hand.


Apple Wild Rice Salad Wraps

Makes 1 serving

3/4c cooked wild rice, cooled

1TBSP cashew butter, softened (room temp)

1TBSP non dairy milk (used almond milk)

1TBSP raisins

1/2 apple, chopped (about 1/2-2/3c chopped)

2TBSP scallions, chopped

3 swiss chard leaves, young/small


In a medium bowl mix together cashew butter with milk. Stir wild rice into the cashew mixture and coat rice. Add in raisins, apple, and scallions and mix until combine. You can eat the salad like this if you wish or serve it in another green of choice. To make these rolls I used young swiss chard leaves, where the stalks were still tender. Spoon some of the mixture onto 1 leaf, roll the tip of the leaf over the mixture and pack it, and roll from the tip toward the stem and wrap the stem around it. Repeat with remaining mixture. Enjoy!


Apple Wild Rice Salad Wraps
Apple Wild Rice Salad