Apple Turtle with Yogurt and Granola

My husband thought I lost my mind with this one as I hunted for a tool in the kitchen to create a turtle shell out of an apple. My girls big smiles and excitement was worth it though. This cute little turtle will have your kids dreaming about summer days at the lake.


Half of a Granny Smith apple

3 green grapes

2 currants

Dab of peanut butter

Lemon juice to keep apple from browning.

One 6oz container of blueberry yogurt (we used StonyField Blends Blueberry)

Approx 1/2c granola (we used Whole Foods Vanilla Almond)


Wash and cut apple in half, core out the seeds. Using a zester/scoring tool carve shell design into the skin of the apple. Mix lemon and water and dip apple in the water to prevent browning if not serving right away. Cut of the grapes in half and cut little webs into one end of each half, cut two little triangles out to create 3 toes. Cut the last grape in half and use half for the head and cut the other half into a point for the tail. Attach the currants onto the head grape using peanut butter as “glue”. On a plate spread the yogurt out to look like pond and sprinkle granola next to it. Place the apple on the granola and set grapes next to the apple to create turtle. Watch your kids eyes pop when they see this cute little turtle!